Sponsor our riders! Support the Wooden Spoon Charity and the Club

Absolutely delighted to confirm that Anchs Senior Rugby section has a team of riders for the Wooden Spoon charity ride on the 4th July 2021.

Our team is

Andy Pritchard

Kenton Parbutt

Taylor Parbutt

Mark Barfoot (Asbo!)

Craig Stevens

Trevor Stevens

The ride itself now has over 164 fund raising riders across West Kent and is aiming for a £10,000 target, which would generate £2500 for the charity and the remainder providing financial help to individual Clubs and grass root rugby. (Any sponsorship our riders achieve will be split 25% for Wooden Spoon Kent and 75% for Anchs senior rugby – which will then be disbursed for the benefit of as many members as possible) 

It is absolutely superb that we are going to be an active part of this event – and the least we can do is provide a little sponsorship to our team.

In addition to our riders seeking sponsorship from their own family and friends, as our Rugby Club stand to benefit, your Committee ask that you please sponsor Gillingham Anchorians Rugby and Wooden Spoon collectively over the next 2 weeks. This can be done as follows

Go to


Scroll down to – July 4 Riders

Click on “menu” icon (3 horizontal bars on right hand side of screen)

Click on – Sponsor July 4 riders

Click on Gillingham Anchorians logo icon

Make your donation

On behalf of The Club, May I thank you all in advance for any support you feel able to give 👏👏👏👏👏

Steve Kyle


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