Great Win 29- 26 (4th March)

The 1sts came back from 5-19 down and looking unsettled in the 1st half to end the half strongly and then continue that trajectory over the last 40 mins against Westcombe Park II, scoring three times successively to no reply but with only one try converted. A late Flourish from Westcombe Park saw the Gap close again with a coverted try to see a tense finish for the last five mins, but Anchs remained in front finishing 29-26 for an excellent victory in the penultimate game of the season. Puts Anchs in a strong mid table position place in the newly structured league, and all the players can be proud, especially given there were 5 initial straight losses at the start of the season Next week 11th March Home again to Hastings and Bexhill for the last run-out of the league!


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