Steve Kyle rides in Memory of Mark Humphrys

Hello all fellow Anchorians WOW! Over the weekend we topped £3000 in donations – this is absolutely superb and exceeds all of our initial expectations. The generosity demonstrated is genuinely humbling (especially for the cyclists and Supporting team), and Anchorians are most certainly very well represented- so a massive “thank you” to all of thoseContinue reading “Steve Kyle rides in Memory of Mark Humphrys”

Anchorians Cement a 5th Place Finish

In a new league format, there was always trepidation entering a completely new league with higher division 2nd teams competing within it. As an RFU experiment it was risky and some of the concerns borne out with two 2nd teams appearing in the top 3. However Anchs have put in a great show all season,Continue reading “Anchorians Cement a 5th Place Finish”

Sad News re Anchorian Frank Martin

The Martin family has asked me to let you all know that Frank Martin passed away last week.  Frank first joined the club when Grant was playing youth team and we soon whetted his appetite for some fourth team Rugby.   Frank played in the fours from 2003 and at one point was the club’s oldestContinue reading “Sad News re Anchorian Frank Martin”