60 years of Memories of John Jezzard ( by Dennis Howard)

John Jezzard – A Modest and Thoroughly Nice Man. Apart from Terry Higgins who dates from the same time as John I suppose that I am one of a slowly reducing number of people that have known him for getting on for 60 years.  My association with the Old Anchorians began in 1961 when likeContinue reading “60 years of Memories of John Jezzard ( by Dennis Howard)”

GARFC AGM Chairmans report 8th July

After what has been a very different year for all of us First and foremost we remember those past players and members that have died over the past year. We haven’t been able to celebrate their lives in ways that we normally would through commemorative matches, or raising a glass at a president or vetsContinue reading “GARFC AGM Chairmans report 8th July”

Wooden Spoon Charity Ride this Sunday (4th) …Sponsorship needed!

Only a few days to go before a number of players past and present and other supporters ride to raise money for our club and for the very worthy Wooden Spoon. Do please raise some sponsorship for the lads riding for the benefit of the club to help us set up on a good footingContinue reading “Wooden Spoon Charity Ride this Sunday (4th) …Sponsorship needed!”

Sponsor our riders! Support the Wooden Spoon Charity and the Club

Absolutely delighted to confirm that Anchs Senior Rugby section has a team of riders for the Wooden Spoon charity ride on the 4th July 2021. Our team is Andy Pritchard Kenton Parbutt Taylor Parbutt Mark Barfoot (Asbo!) Craig Stevens Trevor Stevens The ride itself now has over 164 fund raising riders across West Kent and isContinue reading “Sponsor our riders! Support the Wooden Spoon Charity and the Club”

Anchorians V New Ash Green 14th May

Was lovely to welcome New Ash Green to the Anchorians on Friday under floodlights. Pitch was fantastic, crowd superb, and 30 players on each side allowing lots of rotation in the first contact game this year. Great event, score unimportant, just lovely to be back. Next Match Fri 28th May at Anchs, TBC on hereContinue reading “Anchorians V New Ash Green 14th May”

Wooden Spoon Charity Event

Wooden Spoon is coordinating 2 events in the coming months aimed 1) specifically at the Rugby family 2) to not only support the charity but also to significantly assist rugby clubs financially, following the difficult period of lockdown 3) to be fun or challenging whatever suits you and your fellow members/friends best Wooden Spoon have, for this yearContinue reading “Wooden Spoon Charity Event”