Sad News re Anchorian Frank Martin

The Martin family has asked me to let you all know that Frank Martin passed away last week. 

Frank first joined the club when Grant was playing youth team and we soon whetted his appetite for some fourth team Rugby.  

Frank played in the fours from 2003 and at one point was the club’s oldest playing member, which was announced by John Jezzard at the Vets’ dinner.

Frank will be well known for his one liners, humour and his outstanding arm wrestling skills.  He earned the nickname Batfink due to his large ears being a shield of steel when he played and had to eventually get a scrum cap as he was having the blood drained from them weekly.

He leaves a legacy of rugby players in his family with Grant being a playing Anchorian , Danielle being a Harlequins Lady and now grandson, Harley playing for Maidstone being coached by Grant.

Further details of the funeral arrangements will be sent once known.

RIP Frank (Batfink) Martin.

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